Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Handle Time

Once again, this week I broke out my all time favorite home improvement tool.... spray paint!
I have lost count of how many of my projects or things in my home are now rattle canned... so why not one more?
Here was what a couple of the door knobs on our main floor looked like
 A couple light coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint later, all done!

Turned out pretty good. I really wanted to get them on before I went to bed so we could close the door to our stairs tomorrow (otherwise Sophie can push the door open, even if it is just a millimeter open and ends up on our bed all day...). I may have been in a touch of a rush though, they were just a little tacky yet and i left a slight finger print on one of them. Oh well, i think you have to be standing one inch away to even notice!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Room Re-do

Recently I felt the urge to update our guest bedroom. I didn't like anything going on in there and we still didn't have side tables or lamps. Just a bed and some shelves, we are so good to our guests, right? I don't have a before pic and it is still a work in progress!
 New side tables (spray painted black-super cheap from Hobby Lobby of all places!), lamps from Ikea (already owned), printed off some floral images on photo paper to mimic the design on the bedspread and framed in cheap matted pictures frames (from Target), new bedspread (Target), new curtains (also Target, but already owned the sheer ones).
 The mirror was hauled up from basement. It was left by the original owners in the half bath on our main floor but I spray painted the frame black to match the tables. The shelves have been in that spot since we moved in (originally got it on closeout from Target). I really want to paint the room a different color but I got the stink eye from the hubs so that will have to wait for now...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Corner Counter

Our last project for the laundry room is completed. We had this awkward space next to our dryer that was hard to figure out what to do with.

We decided to use some left over butcher block from our kitchen to make our own custom storage. I owe Nate a big high-five for this one as he did a great job! He cut the block down to size and created the base with the shelve. I then painted the base and found some baskets to slide in.

We were gong to add a piece of trim under the base of he butcher block to finish it off, but will see if we get around to it since it doesn't look too bad without it actually! So eager to have this extra storage and the counterspace. Ah, the things married women get excited about...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Laundry Light

I was recently inspired by pinterest and a random home improvement blog I follow (ok, kinda religiously. you can see the post here) to make pretty much the cheapest/coolest light ever. I have had the inspiration pinned on one of my pinterest boards for quite awhile. But it wasn't until the young house love post that I felt inspired to make my own clothespin chandelier! We had replaced the old light in our laundry with a traditional plain domed one, but still had two ancient lights still left hanging in our back entry (we had kind of run out of steam and since we had only one more new dome light left, we just threw the extra one down in the basement- they came in two packs so we couldn't really return it). WELL, I decided i would move the laundry room light and join it with it's long lost cousin from the basement into the back entry and make my spectacular laundry room light (drumroll please..) for less than $6 total! Yes, that's right. And it was super simple and easy. I ran out to our local dollar store to pick up my items:
Yes, that is a pink trash can. I got the trash can and several packages of clothespins for $5-something (lost the receipt already), we already had the spray paint on hand so that was free. I quick gave the trash can a few coats of white spray paint, clipped on my clothespins, and snipped away the bottom to end up with this:
I just used fishing line to attach it to the light fixture- it was the "base" of one of the old fixtures i took from the back entry. I used the scews that used to hold the glass part of the light on as hooks for my fishing line and voila! a new $5 light shade.

Monday, August 1, 2011

curtain call

i did these a few months ago when i purchased my first sewing machine, a singer pixie plus, and i love it! It is small yet gets the job done (so i have only done "straight" lines so far but for me it is great!) Even though I love the tall windows in our laundry room that look over our backyard, with the new deck you were looking right into the back of our washer & dryer. The old windows are single pane and even with the storm windows they might as well be screens so I was hoping the curtains might help a little with the electrical bills.
 So I picked out the most floral covered fabric Nate would allow and got to work, sewing together four rectangle boxes to hang with tension rods that (bonus!) i found in the basement that the previous owners had left behind.
 I may have lost my view but I honestly don't think it gets as hot in there as it has been before!