Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adoption Fundraiser

Heard about this adoption fundraiser that I wanted to pass along! Of course, we would be honored/grateful if you entered on our behalf, but if you know someone else who is adopting, please pass it along to them as well! This really cool company, noonday collection, sells all kinds of awesome stuff that helps benefit women all over the world.

And for a week in February, a portion of their sales is going to go towards an adoptive family!
Here is what you would need to do:
Place an order, for yourself or another family in the process of adopting, the week of Feb 20 through Feb 28. Make sure in the comments section on the checkout page that you put the name of the family adopting. For every order placed on behalf of that family, they will be entered to win the grand prize which is 15% of total sales for that week of February. (check to be sent to adoption agency) 
Not only are you helping someone with their adoption but you are also helping woman all over the world feed their families, send their kids to school and just live a better life!

1. Family must have a completed home study
2. No minimum or maximum entries
3. If your mother, friend, aunt, places an order for you they will contact them and then follow up with the winner.
4. Drawing will be March 1st
5. Make sure you order directly from their site to qualify for this promotion