Thursday, January 24, 2013


We have moved 21 spots on the wait list in about two months.
That does not seem like a lot, but Colombia's adoptions usually slow down a lot during the holidays, so I am looking at it as decent progress (slow, but decent). We are hoping that our progress will pick up since we are supposed to be moving faster than most families due to Los Pisingos closing. (is it weird that I feel guilty about that and awesome at the same time?) We still don't really know what this wait time will look like for sure, so we are just praying it will pass quickly!

On other news: in regards to Los Pisingos, we are hearing that they are in the last stages of "finalizing" their documents needed to be re-licensed. We are still thinking about and hoping to switch back to this adoption house if they re-open soon. A lot of it will depend on if they will even except our case again (adoption houses have recently made changes on ages for referrals- and they have not been able to tell us yet if we will be considered a "new" case and therefor ineligible, or if they will be able to except us since we were with them before).

Our immigration paperwork (submitted on behalf of our child-to-be) will be expiring this spring. So soon we will have to update some things (medical evaluations, home study, etc) in order to request an extension.

So we will keep waiting, updating paperwork, and praying right along side all the other families waiting! :)