Friday, October 10, 2014

For Colombia, we wait.

We are sticking the course.
To our future family in Colombia: we aren't giving up yet. Why? God hasn't told us to yet.

I know that there are people who are screaming at their computer: just give up already! Maybe this isn't meant to be. Just do something else..
I have been in your shoes, I have made my own judgements/assumptions when I thought I knew better how someone should be living their life, or the choices they should make. But the honest truth is, we don't know. I don't know how God is working your life, so whatever decisions you make: I have to trust that you are doing them with God's guidance.
And I can tell you with honest excitement that God is asking us to wait. We honestly feel like God hasn't told us to stop, and the cues we have gotten so far leading up to this have told us that this is where we need to be. So until there is a real roadblock, we will trust in God's timing.

So we are continuing: Filling out more paperwork with a new agency, updating homestudies, fingerprints, and all the other meaningless paperwork the governments ask us to do (seriously: my fingerprints haven't changed from the last 4 times we did this...)

Here is my biggest prayer request to go along with this update: pray for patience (this is my biggest struggle) as we are approaching 4-DIGIT wait list days.
Pray that we can try every day to take our hands off the steering wheel and let God take control. When we did this in the beginning of this journey, we saw some powerful stuff. The longer we wait the harder it is to try to not take control. I don't want to miss God's ending: He does some of the most amazing work :)