Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eye on the Prize

Nate thinks I am crazy/unrealistic to do this (I stalk the local house listings, looking for our next house) but i cant help it! I know he is right, but c'mon, its my passion to see spaces become beautiful and livable again! And I know we have to wait at least one year, because otherwise we have to pay back our home buyer credit... but I still have fun dreaming, and secretly hoping somehow we can still buy one. I may be torturing myself, but i love it :)

This is my latest find. I love Zeeland, but with not much to choose from in the style I like, Holland may be the future for me.. but what potential this home has. I am giddy with the idea of kitchen & bath demo and wallpaper removal.

And just look at that bay window and fireplace, plus the high ceiling, trim, oh how i could go on...The floor plan actually shows that this has TWO kitchens? For real?!

Be still my beating heart! So if there is anyone out there who wants to buy this house with me and fix it up, let me know :) I am ready for some late night projects!