Sunday, June 5, 2016

Godspeed please!

We finally received our translated referral last week (the official "match" from Colombia that basically says they have approved us to be Eimy's family).
The translation took longer than normal because apparently (for one example) one of the documents that is usually one page, was eighteen. (doh)

When we finally got that, I was able to start the paperwork to get Eimy's immigration to the US started (along with update our medical reports, get FBI approvals/fingerprinting, get final grant approvals, fill out placement agency paperwork, write big checks, and many other forms)

Oh, and since we are in the middle of buying a house, we have to do some extra paperwork, and I have to send it to our agency first to review instead of sending it directly to USCIS (immigration).

Each tiny step seems to be delayed a few days : which is driving me crazy because each delayed day adds up.

I have spent the last week with my head buried in paperwork, checking my email obsessively, and running around to do things like a chicken with my head cut off.

I am praying. praying. praying. that the paperwork I overnighted to the agency on Friday is ok, and that we can get the I-800 out in the next few days. And then I am praying some more that, by some miracle only capable of God's direct intervention, that our paperwork lands on the right person's desk who will be able to handle our craziness.
Please God, I really pray that our whoever opens that overflowing envelope has inhuman capabilities that day (and that they have a light load so are able to get to our file quick!)

Realistically, once the I-800 goes out, I believe it takes about 6 (maybe 4) weeks until we will be in country :(
I guess it takes time to get pre-immigration approved (which we need in order to apply for and get visas for us) and then for things to be prepped for us in Colombia.

To all who touch our journey : Godspeed everyone, Godspeed!
We have a pretty special little girl we can't wait to meet :)