Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are you still adopting?

I know it has been. for.ever. since I have updated. But yes, we are still fighting.

For awhile now, we have been in limbo, so it has been hard to know what to update: We learned a few months ago that our agency was unable to renew their accreditation in Colombia. We were given the option to wait while they work to try to get it back, or request to be transferred to a different agency. So far we are waiting. We believe in what Bethany is doing, and have met some amazing people there.
We are not expecting any [further] delays because of this issue, but we have felt "in the dark" about what is going on in regards to our case and the stability of the adoption program in Colombia.
The last update we were able to receive about our case number is that on February 5, we were number 1028 on the wait list. It has been communicated to us that this list is for all families waiting through ICBF, for any age range. So it is hard to tell where we really stand as far as time to go. The most recent estimation we got from another agency is possibly another two years.
That was my heart just stopping. I hate that word : years.

Have we thought about other options? Yes, but we haven't felt the push to follow them yet. Which makes this stillness so so hard. We want progress, we want updates, we want the call, we want a name, we want to see that first picture.

Almost four years ago we started this journey. Four years ago a child we never met weighed on our hearts. Four years ago we started praying for this.
We are tired of waiting. But we aren't giving up. We will fight through the speed bumps, and we will not stop until there is a road block in Colombia. Our only alternative: maybe some day we will have to adopt another way. But maybe not. And it doesn't matter, because we believe the outcome is what matters.

At the end of it all, there is a child waiting for us.

That does not weigh lightly on my soul.
Please. Pray with me. For this child, and for the hole we feel until they fill it.