Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's the latest?

It has been awhile since I have updated on our status! We are creeping up to a wait time of 4 months (seriously?!) and I have to admit, it feels like 4 years! It is hard to not get discouraged, the unknown wait time pretty much kills my type-A soul.
Our lives pretty much revolve around the unknown. We can't plan vacations (we want to save our paid vacay and don't want to commit to anything just-in-case), we agonize over every dollar spent (but we are human, so while we are saving we also will splurge on Captain Sundae now and then), we can't move (yes, I want to- but it would mess up a lot of our paperwork), we can't prepare very much (do we prepare for a 6 month or 18 month old?) - it pretty much feels like time is frozen!
And yet... we are more than happy to do it! What an amazing blessing this all has been so far, and what an incredible reward awaits us at the end!
The bummer: with the recent "delays" going on, it is looking more and more like we could have a long road ahead of us. Yes, we had our hopes up for the shortest wait time on record, all the while knowing we had zero control and anything could happen.
While our hearts ache more than we could ever known possible, we are ok with it. God's plan isn't put on hold because of our wait times or delays. He knows our hearts desires to have a child in our arms, but He is never late. He has a child already chosen for us, and if we have to wait 3 years, then we will!