Monday, May 23, 2016

This. Is. Happening.

So - we are going to have another daughter!

Her name is Eimy, and she just turned 3 :)
A quick re-cap of the last few months:

Tuesday, March 22 : I had a scheduled call with our agency about what to do about our wait.
We were beyond frustrated, and were looking into what other possible options we could pursue with Colombia to help get matched with a child.

When our case worker called me, I was beyond shocked to hear her say :
I have an unofficial referral for you.
I don't remember much more of the conversation, or that day, but my heart was in my stomach when I hung up with her and looked for the email with "the pictures".
I just wanted to see her.
And suddenly they were there: grainy photocopied pictures.
I cried. And with wide eyes, uttered the words "oh.. my.. God..." a few times (in amazement, praise, and thankfulness! :)

I texted Nate frantically and repeatedly to call me. After I told him, he made up some my-wife-is-crazy-excuse to come home a little early from work to sit in shock with me.

Since then, we have been filing more paperwork to get the "official referral".

We found out on Wednesday, May 18 (eimy's third birthday) that the official referral was on it's way. It just has to be translated (which takes a few days).
Don't worry, I am checking my email about every other minute looking for that one.

When do we travel to get her? We are estimating in about six weeks.
Shortly after we arrive, we will meet Eimy - and she will stay with us until the adoption is finalized in Colombia! (about 4-6 weeks in country?)
Nate will be able to stay the first two weeks (as that is all the vacation he has a year), then will have to come home to work. Elle and my mom will stay the rest of the time.

We waited 4.5 years since we submitted our paperwork to our first agency, until we got that call. And I don't regret a single minute of it.

Colombia, here we come!

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